About the Academy Of Music and Performance

The Academy of Music and Performance offers students the opportunity to explore many facets of the music industry. During the weeklong sumer camp sessions, students work in small groups with one another and instructors, crafting songs from ideas cultivated from journaling at home or at the academy. Students receive instruction on playing techniques and ensemble playing as they hone their pieces during the week, and perform them at the end of the week on the PAC3 stage.

In addition to writing and performing their songs, students also learn about audio engineering, stage lighting, and stage management as they produce their fellow students’ performances. This integrated approach is a perfect blend of real life experience for the working musician.

In addition to the summer camp, the Academy is planning to provide after school classes covering voice, songwriting, ensemble playing, guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard lessons, voice, guitar and amplifier tech, and audio and recording engineering.

We believe in the beauty and power of music, and want to help students realize their full musical potential.